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Our products may have abbreviations that usually has very important significance.
This table is designed to make it easier for you to find the product you are looking for.

NPM North-Pole-Marked (A colored marking on the side which is N).


Example: 3(+0.1)
The tolerance is +0.1mm. Minustolerances can occur.
For example: 3(+-0.1).


Grader/deg/degrees If the product has a counterbore, this will tell u how many
degrees the counterbore is. Most often the counterbore is
90 degrees.


For example: 
Ring N36 15x(3.1+6)x8mm Ni
This means that the counterbore is 3.1+6mm.
The hole has a Diameter of 3.1mm and from 3.1mm
goes out to 6mm. 
In most cases the product has a drawing in the description.


Axial(1) and Diametrical(2) magnetization

Always axial magnetisation unless otherwise stated!

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Ring  AlNiCo    30x17x3mm
Ring AlNiCo 30x17x3mm
Model: 22-0330-00
In Stock !
Ring  AlNiCo    65x30x3mm
Ring AlNiCo 65x30x3mm
Model: 22-0631-00
Deliery time normally ~1 week
Ring  AlNiCo2 170x150x40mm UM
Ring AlNiCo2 170x150x40mm UM
Model: 22-0110-10
Alnico Ring 170x150x40mm Tolerance +-0.1 ..
Deliery time normally ~1 week
Ring AlNiCo   18x6x9,2mm
In Stock !
Ring AlNiCo   19,5x5,5x9,5mm
In Stock !
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