Plastic-bonded / Magnetic extrusion / Roll

We separate plasticbonded between Anisotropic and Semi-anisotropic.
Anisotropic with both sides magnetized and Semi-anisotropic with only one.
Our rolls are always Semi-anisotropic while the pieces are Anisotropic.

Laminated-marked products means that they are Semi-anisotropic.

Articleno. Width [mm] Thickness [mm] Roll [meter] Laminated Magnetized Productpage

51-0915-10 15mm 0.85mm 30m Yes Semi-Anisotropic
51-0920-10 20mm 0.85mm 30m Yes Semi-Anisotropic
51-0925-10 25mm 0.85mm 30m Yes Semi-Anisotropic
51-0950-10 50mm 0.85mm 30m Yes Semi-Anisotropic
M6170 4mm 3mm 500m No Semi-Anisotropic


U and C magnetic extrusions and one with cut.

Articleno. Special Width [mm] Thickness [mm] Length [mm] Roll [meter] Magnetized Productpage

51-0600 U-shaped 34mm 8mm 300m Nej Semi-Anisotropic
M6121 C-shaped 20mm X Rulle 30m Semi-Anisotropic
M6125 Cut 25mm 1.5mm Rulle 30m Semi-Anisotropic


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Magnetic Extrusion 15x0,85mm (30m/roll) white - laminated
51-0915-10 Magnetic Extrusion 15x0,85mm  white b (30m/role)   This magn..
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Magnetic Extrusion 20x0,85mm (30m/roll) white - laminated
51-0920-10 Magnetic Extrusion  20x0,85mm  white laminated  (30m/ro..
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Magnetic Extrusion 25x0,85mm (30m/roll) white - laminated
51-0925-10 Magnetic Extrusion  25x0,85mm  white laminated  (30m/ro..
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Magnetic Extrusion 50x0,85mm (30m/roll) white - laminated
51-0950-10 Magnetic Extrusion  50x0,85mm  white laminated  (30m/ro..
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Magnetic Extrusion 4x3mm (500m/roll)
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Magnetic Extrusion 34x8x300mm U-profile
51-0600 Magnetic Extrusion  34x8x300mm  U-profile ..
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Magnetic Extrusion C-profile 20mm (30m/roll)
M6121 Magnetic Extrusion  C-profile 20mm  (30m/roll) ..
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Magnetic Extrusion 25x1,5mm (30m/roll) center cut
M6125 Magnetic Extrusion  25x1,5mm  center cut ..
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