Plastic-bonded / Magnetic sheet / Roll

The laminated sheets are only magnetic on one side.
The unmagnetic side works just like a whiteboard, and is great for signs, graphics and alot more.

Artikelnr Width [mm] Thickness [mm] Roll [meter] Color Laminated Productpage

M6142 610mm 0.6mm 30m Matt-white Yes
53-0212-10 610mm 0.85mm 30m Matt-black Yes
M6143 610mm 0.85mm 20m White-blank Yes
53-0201-AC04-15 610mm 1.1mm 15m Matt-white Yes
53-0210-10 620mm 0.6mm 30m White-blank Yes
53-0211-10 620mm 0.85mm 30m White Yes
53-0204-11 620mm 0.85mm 10m Matt-black Yes
53-0200-10 1000mm 0.6mm 10m Matt-white Yes
53-0204-10 1000mm 0.85mm 10m Matt-white Yes
53-0204-AC04 1015mm 0.85mm 10m Matt-black Yes
53-0203-AC04 1020mm 0.6mm 10m Matt-white Yes
53-0203-ANC 1020mm 0.6mm 20m Matt-white Yes
53-0204-12 1020mm 0.85mm 10m Matt-white Yes

The unlaminated sheets are magnetic on both sides.

53-2190-10 620mm 0.75 30m Brown No
53-0207-10 1000mm 0.8mm 15m Brown No
53-0501-10 1015mm 0.75mm 10m Brown No
53-0202-AC04 1020mm 1mm 10m Brown No



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