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Holding magnet handheld, with flexible arm 500N

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Magnet properties
Magnet type Holding magnet - Mechanical
Weight 3kg
Length [mm] 124
Width [mm] 95
Height [mm] Flexible: Min 61 / Max 270
Strength [N] (9.8N ≈ 1kg) 500

Holding magnet handheld, with flexible arm 500N

(Below you can see the pushbutton which is pushed by moving the handle to this position)

The flexible manual handle works like a on / off switch for magnetic power.

This holding tool is primarily designed to carry steel plates. Up to 50kg of plain steel plates to be exact.


  • Easy to handle
  • Strong magnet power
  • Safe to use
  • Small and practical

The tool will never reduce in lifting power.

Maximal working temp : < 80°C

The difference between holding magnets and liftmagnets is that holding magnets do not have a
safety factor. Holding magnets are meant for holding stuck, not for movement / lifting. A holding
magnet that can hold 3000N (about 300kg) is specified as a lifting magnet as only 1000N (about 100kg).

Note that holding magnets releases at given strength (in ideal conditions). Always use some margin
Stated holding power applies in ideal conditions without safety factor.
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