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Liftmagnet PML1000 Neodymium

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Length [mm] 258
Width [mm] 176
Height [mm] 163
Weight 50kg
Max load - without safety factor 3500kg
Rated strength - flat surface 1000kg
Rated strength - cylindrical surface 300kg
Max temp. [°C] < 80
Magnet properties
Magnet type Liftmagnet - Mechanical
Material Neodymium

Liftmagnet PML1000 Neodymium

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The difference between liftmagnets and holding magnets is that liftmagnets are specified
with a 
safety factor. Our PML Liftmagnets are made with a 3.5:1 safety factor rating.

Below you can see the rate of reduction for PML models.

This manual lifting magnet has
Capacity flat surface: 1000kg
Capacity cylinder: 500kg
Which makes this a good tool for industry -use.
To make PML1000 magnetic, the button on the handle is used. 
Push it down to release the lock and drag the handle to the ON position.
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