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Liftmagnet / Fishingmagnet with Liftplaq Mini magnet 4900N

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Magnet properties
Magnet type Holding magnet / Fishing magnet
Material Neodymium
Coating Rubber coated
Outer ØD [mm] 114
Weight 2.5kg
Length [mm] 330
Strength [N] (9.8N ≈ 1kg) 4900

Liftmagnet / Fishingmagnet with Liftplaq Mini magnet 4900N

We have equipped this liftingtool with our successful and strong rubber magnet from the liftplaq series. This is filled with neodymium magnets and can lift up to 490 kilograms (lift-test made on a 10mm thick ironplate, in optimal conditions. Your results may vary depending on surface and steel quality.) Attach only a hook or a rope to the loop and the product is ready for lifting, fishing or other.

This magnet is used to withstand harsh conditions. And because the magnets are molded and hidden in rubber, it has longer lifespan than other neodymium products with exposed magnets.

This lifting magnet / fishing magnet is also equipped with a push button, which makes the product easy to remove from thick metallic surfaces. When you angle the handle to one side, the button is pressed down and the product is released from the lid / surface.

If you do not want this function because you are afraid that the object will release from the magnet by accident, you can easily remove the button.


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