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Electropermanent magnet 18x15mm M3 24VDC 11,5W 30N

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Electrical data
Voltage [V] 24DC
ED [%] 10
Power [W] 11.5
Current [A] ~ 0.48
Electrical holding magnet
Outer ØD [mm] 18
Thickness T [mm] 15
Thread MxL M3x8
Weight 21g
Magnet properties
Magnet type Electropermanent magnet
Strength [N] (9.8N ≈ 1kg) 30

Electropermanent magnet 18x15mm M3 24VDC 11,5W 30N

These permanent solenoids are electrically powered on / off systems. They consist of a permanent magnet
and a DC excited coil to neutralize the permanent magnetic field at the poles.
These systems are used in a powerless state where a load, a workpiece or machine parts must be
held reliably and safely. The housing is completely zinc plated and the coil is vacuum-stoppered.
This electrical permanent magnet pulls when it is not supplied power, and releases when it gets power.
The opposite from our regular electro magnets.
ED's is a percentage measure of  the connection time. If the magnet are supposed to work shorter (lower ED),
you can increase voltage and get more power.

This electro permanent magnet has a maximum working time of 8 seconds per minute!
Stated force is in ideal conditions without safety factor.


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