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Iron filings collector

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Magnetic cutlery separator

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Magnetic sheet separator

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Liftplaq - the smart manhole cover lifter

Hyab Magnets has helped develop magnetic lifting tools for many years, and has now designed it's very own manhole cover lifter – the Liftplaq

The Liftplaq cover lifters are available in several countries across Europe and are currently available in three different models, which of course can be custom built and modified to suit your needs. All lifters are CE certified and meet the standards of the Swedish Work Environment Authority.

You can find all our Manhole openers here!


Manhole cover lifter - Liftplaq Mini

Hyab Liftplaq Mini Brunnslocksöppnare   Hyab Liftplaq Mini Brunnslocksöppnare   Hyab Liftplaq Mini Brunnslocksöppnare

Weight: 3 kg
Length (retracted): 46 cm
Length (fully extended): 75 cm
Lifting capacity: 490 kg (smooth metal surface)
Lifts covers as wide as 600 mm. Not designed for gullies.

Liftplaq Mini is incredibly easy to use and transport, and is the optimal tool for lifting covers for access chambers and inspection chambers, even smaller manholes. The powerful neodymium magnet gives you all he lift you need, and the smart design makes it easy to separate the magnet from the cover. Works on all metallic surfaces.

New-made mini-liftplaq is being packed.


Manhole cover lifter - Liftplaq Standard

Hyab Liftplaq Standard Brunnslocksöppnare   Hyab Liftplaq Standard Brunnslocksöppnare   

Weight: 15 kg
Length (disassembled): 100 cm
Length (assembled): 165 cm
Lifting capacity: 550 kg (smooth metal surface)
Capable of lifting covers of up to 1000 mm in width. Not designed for gullies.

For safe lifting of heavier covers we have Liftplaq Standard, a design that has gained ground on several European markets and is a praised and well recommended cover lifter. The fact that it is extremely easy to use and transport is of course a contributing factor to the success.

The powerful neodymium magnet allows you safe lifting, and the smart design makes it really easy tp separate the magnet from the surface.


Manhole cover lifter - Liftplaq with iron bar lever

Hyab Liftplaq Spett Brunnslocksöppnare Hyab Liftplaq Spett Brunnslocksöppnare Hyab Liftplaq Standard Brunnslocksöppnare
Hyab Liftplaq Standard Brunnslocksöppnare Hyab Liftplaq Standard Brunnslocksöppnare

This model has been designed to be used together with an iron lever should you choose to have the option to work on a cover that is stuck, also giving you increased leverage.      


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