Magnetic bars/rail


"Magnetic rails" is a type of magnet system. We use a rail with folded up edges to put magnets in.The length, width & thickness of the rail
is all up to the customer. A common occurrenceis 3 mm 
thick steel and 5 mm folded edges in lengths from 300 mm to 900 mm.

To order, please contact us for dimensions, quantity, delivery time and pricing

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Magnetic bar Neodymium 40x20x7mm 5,3mm hole
Magnetic rail Ferrite 40x13x1250mm Zn
Our standard magnetic rail for own cutting. Note that cutting should not be done through the magn..
Magnetic rail Ferrite 40x13x860mm
A strong magnetic rail with ferrite magnets. Easy to mount with either the M4 threads on the side..
Deliery time normally ~1 week
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