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Iron filing paper / Magnet paper 150x150mm
With this magnet paper u can see the magnetic field just by putting it on the magnetic material. ..
Deliery time normally ~1 week
Iron filing paper / Magnet paper 300x300mm
With this Magnetic Green Viewing Paper / Magnetic field viewing film u can see the magn..
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Gauss/Teslameter model FH52 with axial probe
The FH 52 is a handheld measuring instrument for measuring the magnetic field strength H ..
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Gauss/Teslameter model FH55 probeTrv
The magnetic field strength meter FH 55 is a compact precision instrument that measures the magne..
Gauss/Teslameter TM-801 with probe
Units: This tool measures in both Gauss and Tesla. The relation between "mT" (millit..
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Pole identifier
Pole identifier
Model: 91-7000
An easy tool which identify south/nord -pole for you. The green light means southpole while a red..
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Probe-Zero Chamber for Gauss/Teslameter
Magnetic Shielding Chambers are used to shield magnetic sensors from ambient magnetic fields. Mai..
Deliery time normally ~1 week
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