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Liftplaq Mini Manhole Opener. Magnetic lifter with push button
Handles seamlessly cover up to 600 mm, not designed for lifting grates. The handle stands strai..
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Liftplaq Mini RECTANGLE. Stronger than ever before!
The latest in our Liftplaq lineup. Works like its little brother 561-4571. The difference is th..
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Liftplaq Multi - Manhole Opener
LIFTPLAQ MULTI Liftplaq Multi is a handing tool allowing the handling of street manhole cover..
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Liftplaq Micro, Straight model
The new Liftplaq Micro is based on its brother - Liftplaq Micro, Tilt-model, with a few diff..
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Liftplaq Micro, Tilt-model
Liftplaq Micro, Tilt-model
Model: 74-0002-20
Length: 848mm (84.8cm) Weight: 1.1 KG Lower diameter: 87.5mm (8.75cm) Bar diamet..
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Liftplaq Skewer-Model - Magnetic manhole opener
561-2530-001 Magnetic manhole opener,  Liftplaq,  Skewer-Model ..
Deliery time normally ~1 week
Liftplaq Square magnet, Manhole opener, with protective wooden box
Weight: 15kg Length(without shaft): 100cm Length(build): 160cm Holdpower: 550kg (on pl..
Deliery time normally ~1 week
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