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Liftplaq Manhole opener, adjustable, with protective wooden box

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Manhole Opener
Length [mm] Without shaft:1000 / With shaft:1650
Width [mm] 155
Weight 15kg
Wooden box LxWxH [mm] 212x201x70
Magnet LxWxH [mm] 158x150x30
Handles width [mm] 315
Magnet properties
Strength [N] (9.8N ≈ 1kg) 5400*

Liftplaq Manhole opener, adjustable, with protective wooden box

Weight: 15kg
Length(without shaft): 100cm
Length(build): 160cm
*Force: 550kg. NOTE that this is on flat metall, in ideal conditions without safety factor.
It does not lift manhole caps with this weight!

Lifts all metall cap up to 1000 mm, not made for lifting grid.

For bigger caps we have a design that have won trust on many markets in EU and can in
France become the most safe way and recommended lift-tool for manhole. It helps that it
is easy transported and easy mounted.

It is the power in the neodym magnet that gives you safety in your lift and the smart design
makes it really simple to loose the magnet from the surface of the metall.

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