Permanent magnets / Neodymium / Radial ring



After many years of research of sintrade NdFeB permanentmagnets it is now possible to create fully radially
magnetized ringmagnets.

How this works is that during production many magnetic fields get put into one ring, in different directions.
These radially neodymiumrings makes it possible to create sophisticated magnet solutions in a very specific way.

The most regular design of a magnet rotor, for example, is to put magnetsegments in every other magnetizing
direction inside a steelring. With this new radially magnetized ring there is no need for that assembly with
steelring + magnetsegments, which also can be a tricky solution. This new permanentmagnet is a type of a
rotor by itself.

It important to notice that with every new dimension a new tool must be created (shape and magnetic
coil for magnetization). This increases the startcost immensely for production. This method is for companys
that requires specific solutions and/or massproduction. Though if you are lucky there might already be a tool
with your wanted dimensions, or a close to your wanted dimensions.

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Forceline if normally magnetized

Forceline if radially magnetized




Magnetizing possibilities






Size restrictions

OuterØ [ ØD ] :

Max 150mm

InnerØ [ dØ ] :

Min 10mm

Width [ W ] :

Min 2mm

Thickness [ T ] :

Max 50mm

Coating :

Ni, Zn, Epoxy

BH max :

35-50 MGOe



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