Plastic-bonded / Injection molded

Injection molded magnets composed of a mixture of Thermo Plat polymers and magnetic powder. This mixture can then form a syringe to the magnets with very fine tolerances. It makes it possible to express complex materials that require no post processing. By applying a magnetic field through the tools Anisotropic magnets are made.

Hyab produces products with customers dimensions in both Ferrite and Neodymium.

Some advantages with bonded magnets:

  • It is easy to manufacture magnets in complicated shapes with tight tolerances. Gear is an example and is used in stepmotors which are then translated into the speedometer and other instruments on the vehicle's dashboard.
  • Their weigh is not as much as other conventional magnets.
  • No post production. A finished magnet comes out of the tool, making it a cost-effective production.
  • It is possible to injection mold magnetic and non-magnetic components using twocomponents-injection molding.
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