Plastic-bonded / Magnetic sheet

Magnetic sheet
Chose between un-laminated or laminated magnetic sheets. The not laminated, also called "plain", makes it possible to attach custom-made graphics 
or self-adhesive vinyl. With the laminated sheet, you can print graphics directly on the laminated surface from a suitable printer (see individual article 
for printing capabilities). We stock laminated sheets in white and black color. For other colors such as red, yellow, green and blue, please contact us via 
email or phone.

These magnetic sheets are available as anisotropic or semi-anisotropic

Stronger magnetic properties, which makes it more expensive to manufacture.

Semi-anisotropic is generally cheaper to produce and has no direct limitation for the direction of magnetization. However, when it comes to magnetic
strength semi-anisotropic does not perform as well as the anisotropic sheets.



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