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Magnetic sheet 400x2x1000mm

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Deliery time normally ~1 week
Type Magnetic sheet
Magnetized Anisotropic multipole
Length [mm] 400
Width [mm] 1000
Thickness [mm] 2
Laminated No
Force [g/cm²] ≥52

Magnetic sheet 400x2x1000mm

The sheets are produced as a mixture of ferrite powder and synthetic rubber or plastic. 
Quick and easy to change advertising and message on eg fairs, billboards, cars and in store.
Anisotropic multipole
Our anisotropic magnetic sheets are magnetized as multipole.
Multipole has north and south on the same side. This results in short but strong magnetic fields.

Below you can see how the multipoles show in reality.
This is done with a special green paper that shows the magnetic field.

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