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Liftplaq Mini - Manhole opener

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Manhole Opener
Type Liftplaq Mini
Length 1st stop [mm] 784
Length 2nd stop [mm] 854
Length shortest possible [mm] 529
Weight 3kg
Magnet Ø [mm] 114
Handles width [mm] 290
Magnet properties
Strength [N] (9.8N ≈ 1kg) 4785N (488kg) on plain metal, in optimal conditions

Liftplaq Mini - Manhole opener

Handles seamlessly cover up to 600 mm, not designed for lifting grates.
The handle stands straight up on the metall surface, which is very conveniently for the user.

We have uppgraded Liftplaq Mini with a push button, which makes it even easier to use.
When you angle the handle, the button is pressed down and the product is released from the lid / surface.

Liftplaq Mini is incredibly easy to use and transport, and is the optimal lifting tool for the smaller caps.
The powerful neodymium magnet gives you the power you need, and the smart design makes it easy to distinguish the tool from the cap.
Works on all metal surfaces.
Liftplaq Mini comes with height adjustment-stops on the handle. It goes from 529mm - 784mm - 854mm
Protection for the magnet is included.
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