Liftplaq Mini Extreme - Manhole opener

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Manhole Opener
Type Liftplaq Mini Extreme
Length 1st stop [mm] 784
Length 2nd stop [mm] 854
Length shortest possible [mm] 529
Weight 6kg
Magnet LxWxH [mm] 220x104x27
Handles width [mm] 290
Magnet properties
Strength [N] (9.8N ≈ 1kg) 8825N (~900kg) on plain metal, in optimal conditions

Liftplaq Mini Extreme - Manhole opener

Works like its little brother 561-4571. The difference is the magnetpiece, which is a bit bigger, and alot stronger.
However it does not lose flexibilty with its pushbutton.

Note that the strength given is specified for the magnetsystem, in optimal conditions on a 10mm flat iron plate.
This is an indication of how strong the magnet is, but it should be known that, since this is a hand-tool, the red metal handle will not be strong enought for these weights.

When you press the handle against the pushbutton, the magnet will realease from the metallic surface, so you can remove the tool.


Liftplaq Mini kommer med två stopp, vilket ger dig justerbar längd mellan, 529mm - 784mm - 854mm

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