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Cyl Neodymium N42 12x2mm Zn with adhesive south

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Magnet data
Energy grade N42
Max temp. [°C] 80
Magnet properties
Magnet type Cylinder, with adhesive
Material Neodymium
Coating Zn
Outer ØD [mm] 12
Thickness [mm] 2
Magn. direction Axial
Strength [N] (9.8N ≈ 1kg) 14.5

Cyl Neodymium N42 12x2mm Zn with adhesive south

A self-adhesive neodymium cylider (supermagnet) with strong and resistant VHB 9473PC, 3M tape on magnet south -pole.

Use our magnet calculator to calculate the magnetic force for this article. Observe that our magnet calculator calculates teoretical
values in ideal conditions, may vary from real world results. Use only as reference.

Note: only reference picture to show how the magnet with adhesive can look like.

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