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Magnetic Sweeper 2000-52

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Magnetic Sweeper
From handle to handle [cm] 44.5
Length, from handle to floor [cm] 99
Length, from handle to magnetic area [cm] 115
Width, wheel to wheel [cm] 52
Magnet properties
Magnet type Magnetic Sweeper
Weight 12kg

Magnetic Sweeper 2000-52

Forget all about messy cuttings in your sweeper. HYAB's magnetic sweeper takes efficiently up all magnetic material and releases it easily at required place. The magnetic broom is made in-house in Bromma, Sweden, and is made to last. With a powerful magnetic powerpackage you can easily collect all metal such as shavings, grinding dust, tools, screws and pretty much anything you could think of (being magnetic metal of course). To release the collected bits, you simply pull the handle towards you.

  • The magnetic sweeper picks up everything from big spanners to fine grinding dust.


  • The design is as simple as it's genius where magnet power lasts for ages.


  • The design solution makes it easy to get under machines and in corners.


  • Easy to use in machine shops, building constructing, yatch clubs, farms, road constructing, garages, etc etc.


  • Standard model size is 520mm.


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