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Cutlery picker 1100-6

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Cutlery picker 1100-6

The magnetic cutlery picker lifts knifes, forks and spoons from trays as they pass underneath it, transports them away from the tray and drops them into a basket or box for washing
the system has been carefully designed and computer optimized.

Among the features and qualities worth mentioning:
-The picking magnet has been designed and built with strong magnetic materials and will lift cutlery up to 100mm* from the tray. The picker has been primarily designed to be mounted either parallel or at a slight angle to the conveyor belt.
-Design optimization and the use of the best magnetic materials have resulted in the feeder band being only 100mm high and this results in the product being easily adjusted to different positions and heights.
The weight of the picker has been minimized to make it easier to manouver

-This model comes standard with an ingenous and unique demagnitizer not avalible elsewhere on the market. This results in cutlery being demagnetized at the end of the transport belt this ensure that the cutlery will not stick together or cause damage to sorting machines.

*) Exact picking height depends on the exact composition of the cutlery material.

Dimensions LxBxH mm: 1120x490x100
Belt speed: 140mm/sec
Motor power 3x400 VAC: 0.060 kW
Nr: 742 33 179  
With overheat protection switch*  
Weight: 70kg
Max. lifting distance: 100mm
Insulation class: IP66

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