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Magnetic Sweeper SMALL 40cm

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Magnetic Sweeper
Length, from handle to magnetic area [cm] retracted: 71 / extended: 102
Width, wheel to wheel [cm] 40
Magnet properties
Magnet type Magnetic Sweeper
Material Ferrite
Weight 1kg

Magnetic Sweeper SMALL 40cm

It is not fun with metal shavings on the floor, neither to sweep it up with a lousy broom. This compact magnetic sweeper is a handy and light product that is very useful for collecting small ferromagnetic chips and bits. The sweeper collects all the metallic leftovers with a simple swipe and when you are done collecting, you can easily release the mess on a desired location. To release the collected scraps and shavings, you simply pull the handle, which is located just above the magnetic box.

During transport you can disassemble the sweeper. Pull the rod from 102cm to 71cm.

Dimensions on packaging: 39x36x12cm

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