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Add-on for Liftplaq Mini - for manholes with hinge
A smart addition for ergonomic lifting. Used manholecaps with hinges Works best with Liftplaq..
Deliery time normally ~1 week
Liftplaq Mini Extreme - Manhole opener
Works like its little brother 561-4571. The difference is the magnetpiece, which is a bit bi..
In Stock !
Liftplaq Mini - Manhole opener
Liftplaq Mini - Manhole opener
Model: 561-4571-2SR42
Handles seamlessly cover up to 600 mm, not designed for lifting grates. The handle stands ..
In Stock !
Holding magnet Neodymium 85x18mm female M10 1900N
Stated force applies in ideal conditions without safety factor. 1kg ≈ 9.8N (Newton)   ..
Deliery time normally ~1 week
Liftplaq Multi - Manhole Opener
LIFTPLAQ MULTI Liftplaq Multi is a tool allowing easy handling of manhole covers and plugs. ..
Deliery time normally ~1 week
Liftplaq Micro, Straight model
The new Liftplaq Micro is based on its brother - Liftplaq Micro, Tilt-model, with a few diff..
In Stock !
Liftplaq Pinch bar model - Manhole opener, with wheels and protective cover
Use Liftplaq Skewer-model with a skewer as lever. The model makes it possible t..
In Stock !
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